Certificate of Clinical Reflexology 

What aspects of the course are you enjoying /have you enjoyed most?

“Both Hollie & Karen are very knowledgeable and approachable.  It was a pleasure learning from both of these ladies, thank you Hollie and Karen” Carol, CoCR student October 2018

“Thank you for being patient and understanding throughout the course, you both were extremely helpful” Catherine, CoCR student October 2018

“Karen and Hollie are very professional, lovely ladies who couldn’t help us enough.  If we were having trouble understanding something they would go over it with the whole class so everyone had the same understanding.  Great effort!” Trina, CoCR student October 2018

“I have loved empowering myself, particularly at my age, to start a new career – I have found my true vocation.  Many, many thanks Karen and Hollie” Sue, CoCR student October 2018

“Thank you Karen & Hollie!! I have loved this course and you have both been so supportive.  I will miss coming to class each week :-)” Kristie, CoCR student October 2018
“The course being delivered over the weekend has been brilliant as I’ve been able to study whilst being a full time mum of three children. Both Karen and Hollie are full of knowledge.  I will miss them both.” Natalie, CoCR student June 2018
“Thank you Karen and Hollie for having the course on the weekend.  You did an excellent job on presenting the course. Sympathetic to each student’s needs.  Thank you so very much.” Mike, CoCR student June 2018
“This course was wonderful and it’s materials well presented. You ladies are amazing.” Michelle, CoCR student June 2018
“The tutors were really great, relaxed and created an environment where they are very approachable.  Delivered a lot of information very professionally.” Kelly, CoCR student June 2018
“This course has been very well structured and very well presented.  I loved coming to this class!” Gabbi, CoCR Student June 2018
“Very well balanced course – Hollie & Karen are very approachable and very professional.  I am thoroughly enjoying the course.” Kelly, CoCR student, November 2017.
“This whole course has been amazing and so informative.  I have enjoyed each lesson we have done.  This is so Good! Michelle, CoCR student, November 2017.
“I love all the additional information that we gain from Karen & Hollie and the other students.  Lovely class and I look forward to coming here every week”.  Lindsay, student, July 2017.
 “I am loving the course and have found Karen and Hollie very inspirational.  I think the flexibility you guys have is lovely and has helped me a lot”. Carley, student, July 2017.
“It’s been great learning this discipline. With practice, I know I will become a good practitioner, thanks to the assistance of Hollie & Karen”. Kris, student May 2017.

‘ Practical sessions were a huge benefit as we could work on our feet weekly seeing changes in our feet corresponding to our life circumstances.  Excellent course – will recommend it to others.’  Jenny, March 2016

‘I really enjoyed Karen and Hollie as teachers – both with different teaching styles that combine well, they work great as a team.’  Marnie, March 2016

‘All aspects of the course were both interesting & very beneficial , a particular highlight being the practical component of each class, allowing us to put into practice what we’d learnt’.  Hollie and Karen were both fantastic, really approachable, down to earth, patient and knowledgeable!  Nicky, March 2016

‘I have been studying the Certificate course in Clinical Reflexology since February. Hollie & Karen have a great combination of knowledge. They have put together a fantastic course – the more I learn, the more I want to know! I find most courses bombard you with theory right from the start, but what I love about this course, is that we started practical on the very first day!  I also love giving Reflexology and receiving Reflexology every week!” Kath 2015

 ‘I would highly recommend Hollie and Karen’s Reflexology Certificate in Clinical Reflexology course. So far it has been really beneficial.  I was quite surprised,  as I thought that there would be more written work as I am not that academic. I love that there is so much practical work.” Cheryl – 2015

Introduction To Reflexology Workshop

What did you enjoy?

“Great Introductory course to Reflexology. I will definitely be interested in attending a Certificate course in 2019”  – Sept 2018

“Thank you most enjoyable, especially for beginners like myself – found it very interesting. ” Sept 2018

“Excellent presentation- Very good practical experience.”  Sept 2018

“Enjoyed my course and learnt a lot of different techniques.”  Sept 2018

“I really enjoyed the practical and theory.  Lovely teacher Devi – great knowledge, enjoyed making new friends.  Great, Great, Great! June 2018

“I really enjoyed how practical today was.  Very enjoyable and informative”. June 2018

“Devi was very knowledgable, calming, spoke slowly and made sure you understood everything.  Very patient if you didn’t understand anything.  Thank you!” June 2018

“Devi was very knowledgeable and so helpful in every way.  A lovely casual manner to put us at ease.  Has a very genuine love of Reflexology.  Loved the course!” October 2017

“Good overview, very practical with good level of reinforcement.  Very insightful lecturer. Thank you.” October 2017

“Thoroughly enjoyed the course today, lecturer was very knowledgeable with a very good balance between theory and practical.” October 2017

“Thank you –  Very friendly staff and professionally presented; Enough tools to keep me & my family very happy.” October 2016

“Presenters were really informative & very friendly. I really enjoyed the experience and would like to go further very soon!” October 2016

“A thoroughly enjoyable day. I have learnt a lot and would definitely recommend to others.” October 2016

“Totally loved & Enjoyed! It was more than I was expecting. – just wonderful! I will definitely consider further study and will recommend this course” October 2016